The Law of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction, What is it & How To Use It?

Introduction To The Law of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

Have you ever encountered the film or book “The Secret”? Perhaps you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction and are curious about its efficacy and what it entails. The Law of Attraction isn’t a complex, esoteric concept but rather relatively straightforward. Consider gravity—an unwavering universal law. If you toss an object upwards, it falls back down; leap from a height, and you’ll descend swiftly to the ground.

Similarly, the Law of Attraction fundamentally represents the capacity to draw into our existence, which occupies our thoughts. Essentially, our thoughts materialize into reality over time, with our focus influencing the outcome akin to gravity. To grasp the Law of Attraction, recognize that it naturally aligns you with individuals, objects, opportunities, and insights that resonate with your prevailing mental state. This means the quality of your life improves in tandem with your personal development.

This suggests that success hinges on personal improvement for salespeople aiming to boost sales, seal more deals, or increase earnings. Similarly, becoming a better manager or father is contingent on self-enhancement. Today, I present four practical strategies for incorporating the Law of Attraction into your life, moving beyond mere feel-good or abstract notions to tangible application.

The Moment of Fulfillment

These methods are designed to manifest the life you envision. The first strategy involves understanding confirmation bias, the tendency to notice information that aligns with our existing beliefs. For instance, I recall when something specific, like my first desired car, the red Mazda RX, dominated my thoughts and even appeared on my vision board. Once it became a focal point, Mazdas seemed ubiquitous in every model and color. This raises the question: Is it a genuine increase in their presence or confirmation bias at work, highlighting them more because they’re on my mind?

Could these cars always be around, but I hadn’t noticed them before? This phenomenon reflects the workings of our mind. It boils down to confirmation bias—people process information in a way that aligns with their preexisting beliefs. When viewing my videos, individuals don’t truly absorb my words; instead, they interpret them through their lens. Everyone has a mental filter through which all information is screened. This filter, shaped by confirmation bias, determines whether information will be embraced or disregarded based on its alignment with existing beliefs, leading to acceptance, ignorance, or argument.

Some individuals utilize the knowledge I share to launch a new venture, significantly enhance their business, or achieve substantial financial success. Others might dismiss the same information as worthless, taking no action. The differentiation stems from personal perception and application of the information. Moving on to the second strategy for actualizing the Law of 

The Broader Impact of Realizing Dreams

Attraction in my life: I observe things without giving them undue focus. For instance, while in a penthouse during a heavy rainstorm, I was gazing out the window, struck by the rain’s intensity and the clouds’ darkness. This illustrates how our focus shapes our reality, akin to the mental filter I mentioned earlier. Many attempt to transform their lives with new information without refining this filter. This internal perspective determines our reactions and feelings, crafting our life’s conditions. Hence, the choice is ours: what will we focus on? Complaining about work or business to a spouse when home only amplifies the negativity, showcasing the power of our internal focus.

“Today was just terrible at work,” you lament, and in doing so, you breathe life back into those unpleasant moments. This narrative continues when you share your grievances with family, like your brother-in-law or sister, reinforcing the negative experience through your focus. Although the events are past, your choice to fuel them with attention effectively harnesses the Law of Attraction, drawing more of these unwanted experiences into your life. 

The key is not only to avoid fixating on the negatives but also to learn to overlook them entirely progressively. This approach mirrors a subtle bias in the universe against us. Consider this analogy: in gardening, nurturing roses yields roses. But what if you neglect the garden, ignoring it entirely? Weeds inevitably flourish. This demonstrates that inaction doesn’t lead to neutrality; neglect fosters unwanted outcomes, mirroring how our minds work.

Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction in Action

If you’re not actively enriching your mind with positive, goal-oriented, and valuable content—what I term ‘mind feed’—negative thoughts, like weeds, will inevitably sprout. This is why I avoid watching the news, which I find to be a hotbed of negativity aimed at capturing attention through sensationalism, rarely contributing value or improving one’s character, and often inciting fear to the point of paralysis. 

This vigilance in managing my perception and inputs is crucial because the Law of Attraction operates continuously, influenced by our focus and beliefs, whether we’re conscious of it or not. Thus, it’s imperative to deliberately choose the information we consume and give our attention to daily, selecting the channels and content that align with our aspirations and values.

The choice is yours, leading us to the fourth strategy: the words you speak to yourself shape your reality. I often encounter people expressing desires like “I want to be successful” or “I want to be a millionaire” repeatedly. Such statements can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, but not in the way one hopes. Continually articulating these desires can make you proficient in wanting itself rather than obtaining. Imagine the universe as an entity responding to these declarations. If you tell the universe, “I want to be successful,” it reacts accordingly, perpetuating your desire without fulfillment. It’s as if the universe is fulfilling your exact words—you’ve expressed a desire to want, not to have. Therefore, adjusting your language is crucial, shifting from a mindset of wanting to be or having.

Law Of Attraction

Living the Dream

Affirm “I am successful” rather than “I want to be successful.” Declare, “I am a great salesperson, entrepreneur, father, son, husband, wife, daughter,” and “I am a millionaire.” This isn’t about misleading others by proclaiming wealth or success outwardly while struggling internally; it’s about nurturing a personal conviction. The question is whether you can envision yourself in these roles and if your habits and actions align with this self-perception.

It’s about identity alignment: envisioning yourself in the desired role before the results materialize. You don’t wait to become a millionaire to see yourself as one; instead, you adopt the mindset and behaviors characteristic of a millionaire in advance of financial success. This approach is fundamental to the Law of Attraction. Think, act, and operate like a millionaire beforehand. I encourage you to live as though your dreams are already fulfilled, challenging your current reality to align with this vision.

Law Of Attraction
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